Andrew Rado: Services

Sometimes, clients know exactly what they want—others don’t know where to start. I offer a full range of services that meet the needs of big, small, and mid-sized projects.

I’ve met with local non-profits to discuss design in coffeeshops, and with corporate clients in boardrooms to discuss UI architecture. We can rock the technical jargon or I can translate Design Speak into everyday English. Here’s a list of what I offer.

Website Strategy, Design, and Development

I design sites based on the critical objectives of my clients--what they want their users to do, and where those objectives intersect with good design that also creates a customer loyalty experience. It’s always about creating beautiful design that also delivers.

  • Complete branding and identity packages that convey visually what your organization represents and aims to achieve with its users.
  • Creation of site architecture (including navigation and other structural elements) to create a simple, yet engaging interface.
  • Consistency of branding across the entirety of the website, to create consistency and fluency of messages.
  • Backend website coding that utilizes Web Standards to ensure that they work across different internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and computer platforms (Macintosh, PC), and that are accessible to all.
  • Incorporation of social media—Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and more—into the site’s design, to help build your brand.

Graphic Design

I create custom logos, business cards, brochures, billboards, ads, and other print elements, with an expert focus on clarity of message.

Visual Branding and Identity

There’s a reason why some people get their coffee from Peet’s and others stick with Starbucks—branding and identity. Branding and identity is about so much more than the creation of a pretty logo or a consistent color scheme. Branding is a visual communication of the values that people associate with your offering. The die-hard Starbucks fans want something that they don’t believe they can get at Peet’s—and vice-versa.

There’s no more critical place to be grounded in your business than in your visual branding and identity. I work with my clients to clarify what your brand is, the values that lie behind your brand, and how we can communicate those values visually, with your logo, website design and even on your social media pages.


Each project I take on calls for a unique set of skills and investment of time. Contact me using the form below—tell me about your project, what you’re looking for, and your budget, and we can set up a 30-minute phone consultation.


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Marin County Parks

As always Andy came through with a clean design—that did a great job of supporting overall program branding. Andy listens and works collaboratively to get the best product. Andy's projects are on time and he work closely with clients to identify mutually agreeable timelines and benchmarks. —Jeffrey Smith, Founder, From the Garden to the Table

From the Garden to the Table